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Dulu, gw pernah masuk TV loh :D Waktu itu gw ikutan kuis LG Prima Indosiar yang lagi booming di 2003. Ga menang, tapi lumayan jalan-jalan gratis dibiayain Indosiar ke Jakarta. Temen-temen SMA pada datang ke rumah buat nonton sewaktu acara-nya ditayangin. Pas muncul di TV, rasanya malu, muka gw memerah,, ga nyaman bener rasanya diliatin banyak orang; Trus yang bikin tambah malu lagi, udah tau pasti kalah eh masih aja ditonton sama teman-teman..

Beberapa bulan lalu, gw liat seorang Junior posting potongan artikel dirinya yang dimuat di majalah SWA untuk rubik Siapa Dia. Wuaa, gw sebagai senior ikutan senang dan bangga, trus ngebatin dalam hati “gw juga mauu masuk majalah” :) Ajaibnya adalah semesta mendukung, Baca lebih lanjut

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2014, bye!

It was a good year, but not a great one for my personal life
I did not do appropriate things for my pregnancy plan, although I have put my wish to have cute babies in my resolution since 2013 :(
I did not spend enough time for doing the religious thing, let’s say Monday-Thursday fasting, reading Al-Qur’an :(
I still wasted my time by watching useless things like Korea, infotainment :(
I did not have any improvement in cooking skill and other household things :(
Lot of complaints and angers :(
I still postponed the exercise and gave less attention to my health, although the body has screamed louder :(
… I realized it, but somehow too many excuses for those deferment.

But, for sure there were some relief and good things in 2014;
My brother’s graduation (finally) was a relief; although he looks still confused for his future, but at least he made a movement :)
I took ACCA courses :)
We manage & invest our money better; We did old house renovation and then got a new one with affordable prices :)

I then decided (just few minutes a go) not to make any resolutions in 2015. I am trying to wash my brain to put those 6 things as my urgent priority .. Wish me luck!

Yuhuu 2015, I am so ready to beat you …

2015's 1st Selfie

2015’s 1st Selfie

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It has been 2 weeks for my new activities in my-just-so-so-life. Senin-Sabtu di minggu kedua dan ketiga tiap bulannya, gw join kelas Accounting.. No, no (or can we call it not yet) bukan S2. Gw ikutan program kantor yang sedang bekerja sama dengan London School Accountancy & Finance (LSAF). I am in my way to become ACCA’s member. ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Ini merupakan sebuah organisasi global untuk akuntan profesional. Once I complete all the modules and exams then I can add ACCA in my name. It is long way to go journey sih yaa. It is going to take 2.5 years if it runs smoothly, but may be more than that.


I am a graduate, where do I start?

If you do googling, you will find there are so many accounting certifications in the world, name it CPMA, CPA, CIMA, etc. Then why I take ACCA? Baca lebih lanjut

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